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Concrete Table Tennis Table

Concrete Sports is the official UK distributor for the best quality German Outdoor Table Tennis Tables. The Table is a great success, with over 1000 installations across Europe and already over 200 in Britain. Our Tables can be used for official matches and fulfill the demanding requirements set by the English Table Tennis Association.Since 2011 Concrete Sports is the official supplier of outdoor TT tables to the Ping project of the ETTA.

We offer our tables with rounded edges and red, grey or green concrete. The tables can also be in painted versions of green, blue, red and black.

Table Tennis is a growing sport in the UK, and an equal opportunities sport at that. It can be played almost anywhere and there are few restrictions. The sport has relevance across all age groups, but has increasing relevance and credibility within the youth market. The Government has recognised this unique position and has selected Table Tennis as one of its 'priority sports' in the run up to 2012.

The Tables increasingly prove to be a very simple, yet effective attraction to the youth spending time in schoolyards, youth clubs, parks and any other communal areas. Our outdoor concrete table tennis table is a definite contribution to increased activity and positive social behaviour.

Table Specifications

— 2 Tabletops 2740 / 1525 / 50 mm, each ca. 245 kg

— 3 Leg Consoles, each ca. 125 kg

— 1 Hole Punched Net made of Aluminium

What will it cost

A single Table typically retails at GBP 1595,00 + VAT and its installation and delivery is GBP 650,00 + VAT.

Included with each order is a free starter pack consisting of 12 Table Tennis Blades and 144 Balls. Discounts are available when purchasing more than one table.

Call us today on +44 (0)7962406345 for a free consultation and your individual quote!