We supply and install quality outdoor chess tables!

The latest product in the Concrete Sports collection is the outdoor Chess Table. This high-quality chess set has already been a great success with our customers. Outdoor chess is a game which helps to promote intelligent thinking in a fun, social environment. Players are able to play a great board game together, while also benefiting from being outside. Our tables are a perfect fit for schools, prisons, parks, or even your own garden! Our outdoor Chess Tables are specially crafted with white steel enforced concrete. Our concrete is incredibly strong and durable, meaning your Chess Tables are likely to be a long term investment.

Our customers often tell us that our outdoor tables help to bring communities together. Playing board games such as chess encourages people to discuss intelligent ideas in a social environment.

How to book your outdoor chess table

To inquire today about having your new outdoor Chess Table fitted, complete a quick quotation form and our team will contact you right away. Want to see one of our top quality tables for yourself? Use our map to find your nearest Concrete Sports table for free! If you would like further details about our Chess Tables or any of Concrete Sport’s products, you can write to us via email at info@concretesports.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 845 862 6086